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Optimizing Your Website to Be a Search Engine Magnet

Renovating your web site so that it is designed to attract the search engine robots to the site and achieve top placement on the results page when the applicable keyword or group of keywords is called up. The higher ranking means that the web site link is returned higher up on the list than other pages with like keywords or products. SEO tactics have become a larger presence on the internet, thanks to the growing importance within the industry and the increasingly aggressive marketing strategies.SEO Primer
SEO theory and marketing strategy was originally based on submitting the URL to the search engine such as Google or MSN, with a request to include the web site in the listings generated by the search engine spider. As search engines have become more sophisticated and marketing on the internet has become more competitive, the major search engines have adapted in order to provide more for the customers using the search engine. Algorithms are the ways that are used to rank the links you see when you get results from the search engine.The primary concept to keep in mind when preparing your web site for optimization under search engine such as Google is that the algorithms are created with the understanding that the first duty of the search engine is to the customer or client who is doing the looking through the search engine results. The client is using a search engine in order to get the best results with the fastest response.Because the number and variety of the web sites is continually expanding, the technology of the internet becomes even more complex. The industry is dedicated to the most current information in response to the search queries. No longer does optimizing your web site consist of just tweaking a couple keywords. It is now both an art and a science.What are Algorithms and How Do They Operate?
In order to discuss search engine optimization, you must have an understanding of algorithms and how they operate. Algorithms are simply formulas used to calculate the comparative relevance of web pages to the search query. Some or all of the following factors may be present in the algorithms and weighted in various measures.a) The number of recurring words on a page
b) Whether the recurring words have any relation to one another
c) Whether the words refer to any particular industry or subjectSearch engines now have the ability to store search results for web queries according to what pages have already been visited and providing the user with any new information when the same query is reentered. This includes pointing out both new pages and updated content on visited pages.Article and blog submission is another type of search engine optimization. In this mode, appropriate content is regularly sent to blogs and article directories in order to provide a constant stream of new content for search engines to access.It is expected that this area of the internet marketing field will continue to grow and improve in order to provide the user with a positive search experience.